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Friday, September 6, 2013

Trending: Two Year Anniversary

New Orleans.
To celebrate our anniversary, we are headed to my favorite of all cities. Our spontaneous itinerary is already planned... 

Paris Fever.
Most females my age have "baby fever" but not this girl. For me it's "Paris fever" and it's getting worse with each day.

Fall Wardrobe.
We are downright ready for our fall clothes. And that's it.

Chocolate Anything.
I seem to require more chocolate than usual this week. And our local grocery store opening an adorable little bakery counter isn't helping. 

Pre-Wedding Nostalgia. 
"Remember that time at our... Rehearsal dinner... Engagement shoot... Wedding shower... Pre-wedding meltdown(s)..." This is the time o year that we totally relive those moments again and again.


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