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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sponsored Post: McGraw-Hill SmartBook

You know how computers are slowly taking over the world and making our lives easier? Well, I am 100% excited about that. And even more excited when it means less time reading textbooks!

I am super proud to team up with McGraw-Hill as they spread the word about SmartBook

If you haven’t heard of it yet, check out this video from McGraw-Hill Students:

SmartBook is amazing because it optimizes study time through these 4 steps:

You do know that you should be scanning textbook chapters before you read them, right? This is because it’s a lot easier to comprehend information when you can see where it fits into the big picture. SmartBook delivers a quick overview of each chapter for this exact reason! 

While technology still hasn’t developed a way to transfer the information directly into our brains in our sleep (hurry up, please!), it can make reading lengthy and boring texts a little more effective. SmartBook highlights important learning objectives so that you can always be sure you’ve read the most important information! And with interactive questions along the way, it also automatically highlights what you need to learn and bypasses what you already know. 

We learn by doing. This is why you can explain the information from that research project you did last semester better than the information from the test you had last Friday. SmartBook’s interactive technology allows you to quiz yourself on the material and automatically highlights the concepts that you need to review. 

If you’re like me (and you are), you can read all day long, no problem. It’s the retaining of information that’s the problem! The more that information is repeated or used, the more likely it is to end up in your long-term memory… and that’s what’s going to help you make your next A! :) 

Next Tuesday, I’ll post a little more about the science of why it’s SO important to preview before reading! 

What are some of your strategies for reading information? Are you excited about technology and textbooks? What do you think would be some advantages/drawbacks to “smart” textbooks? 

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