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Friday, October 18, 2013

Inspiration: Photo Wall

A few weeks ago, we had to go to Macy's to look for a new vacuum cleaner… which may or may not have been one of the most boring things I’ve ever done in my life (it was). 

I mean, nothing against Macy’s. It’s just that I don’t even like to run the vacuum. My husband even asked me once "you do know the vacuum cleaner isn't password protected, right?". 

(I had a traumatic experience involving my mother and some small toys I refused to pick up at a young age, okay?)

While perusing the vacuum aisle and comparing fascinating things like super ability to pick up pet dander and pollen terminator, I got distracted (shocking) and ran across this…

I was so infatuated with this photo display that I had to take a picture, even though I knew that the salespeople were watching me. 

And let me just say that I am one of those people who hates to be caught taking photos.

This little photo collection highlighted some of the most iconic landmarks of Memphis. 

I love the contrast of the light photos against the dark wall. And I love the different sized frames and the straight line down the center. 

Ahhhh. Perfection. 

I love it! I am DYING to do a wall like this when we move.


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